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So also the subject of damages. There are some general principles, but damages is not a coherent body of law. It is small wonder that no one is writing books about it and that law schools do not provide courses in it. The standard, most widely cited text is McCormick on Damages, yet that book was published in 1935. There is no more recent book of consequence bearing that title. Professor Dan Dobbs's 1973 volume entitled Remedies contains, as one part of the book, an excellent analysis of recent damages developments; but McCormick continues to be the benchmark. As a scholar put it, the law of damages "plods its way, ignored by academicians and 'accepted' by the courts .... The 'winds of change' sweeping over other areas of law rarely stir the law of damages. There are a few ripples here and there, to be sure, but no one gets too excited." Sedler, The Collateral Source Rule and Personal Injury Damages, 58 Ky LJ 36 (1969).