Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Michigan Law Scholarship Repository?

The University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository is designed to offer global access to the scholarship of the University of Michigan Law School. This repository is a service of the University of Michigan Law Library, which contributes to the mission of the Law School by supporting research, scholarship, and access to legal information.

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What platform does the Repository use?

The Repository uses the Digital Commons platform created by bepress. The vast majority of law school repositories in the United States use Digital Commons as their platform. All of the individual school repositories combine to form the Law Commons ( and can be searched together or browsed together by subject.

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What type of content is included in the repository?

The repository will at first include pdf works, but eventually will also include video, photographs, and other materials. If you are affiliated with the Law School and have a question about your own content and whether it is a good fit for our repository, please email .

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How do I submit content to the University of Michigan Scholarship Repository?

To add content to the repository, please email .

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How do I revise a submission?

To revise a submitted article, paper, abstract, or make other changes, please email . Please use this same email address for any questions about works or if you wish to remove a deposited item.

Which faculty members are included in the Faculty Scholarship collection?

Members of the faculty governing body may have their works included in the Faculty Scholarship collection.

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Why are some of my publications not available in the Repository?

The most common reason for works to not yet be available in the Repository is because they have not been cleared for copyright permission. Other works may be in the process of being scanned for the Repository. If you have any questions, please contact .

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Copyright Guidelines for Authors

To include a work in the Michigan Law Scholarship Repository you need to either hold the copyright, have reserved your rights to publicly post the work in an institutional repository, or have specific permission from the publisher to post the work. Some publishers allow institutional repository deposit as a matter of course, sometimes with an embargo period. Your co-authors will also need to provide permission for you to post the work.

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How are disciplines and keywords assigned to Repository works?

University of Michigan Law Library staff assign disciplines (a.k.a. subjects) and keywords to each work as part of the loading process. Disciplines for the works are selected from the bepress discipline list. If you have any questions, please contact .

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