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In 1952 the University of Michigan Law School, as a part of its summer session program, offered an Institute entitled "Industrial and Legal Problems of Atomic Energy. " The 1946 Atomic Energy Act, creating a virtually complete government monopoly, was then in effect, and private development of peaceful uses of atomic energy was for the most part merely a gleam in the eyes of a few forward-looking individuals. The 1952 Institute was devoted to the task of obtaining a preview of atomic affairs to come. The speakers on the program could do no more than look forward and speculate on developments of the future, yet many of their comments, far from being merely speculative, were remarkably prophetic, and the proceedings of the 1952 Institute served in many respects to point the way with extraordinary accuracy.

Between 1952 and the present day many exciting things have happened in the development of peaceful uses of atomic energy. The 1954 revision of the Atomic Energy Act has been written into law; the beginnings of a new industry are under way; and members of the legal profession have become increasingly aware of the new and unique legal problems that are to accompany the atomic future. So it seemed eminently desirable to hold a second summer institute for the discussion of the emerging legal problems. The 1956 Institute, the proceedings of which are reported in this volume, consisted of five Workshops, each concerned with a different phase of the subject matter, and the Institute discussions reflect the vast amount of progress that has been made in regard to the legal foundation now being built for atomic enterprise in the United States. The Institute was co-sponsored by the Law School and the American Bar Association Special Committee on Atomic Energy Law, although, of course, neither of the co-sponsors is responsible for any of the Institute conclusions.

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