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Since 1948 the University of Michigan Law School has, as a part of its program of public service, sponsored a series of Summer Institutes, intended to provide a medium for high-level discussions of important problems in areas of public concern. The Institutes held in previous years are as follows:

  • The First Summer Institute, July 15-23, 1948, "Current Problems in International Law"
  • The Second Summer Institute, August 5-21, 1949, "Legal Problems of World Trade"
  • The Third Summer Institute, June 26-July 1, 1950, "The Law and Labor-Management Relations"
  • The Fourth Summer Institute, June 25-28, 1951, "Taxation of Business Enterprise"

The Fifth Summer Institute, held June 26, 27, and 28, 1952, was devoted to the industrial and legal problems arising in connection with peacetime utilization of atomic energy. Both lectures and panel discussions were arranged in order to emphasize specific problems. The Institute was planned primarily to serve executives and legal counsel of businesses which are engaged, or expect to be engaged, in activity involving atomic energy developments. Without attempting to reproduce the Institute proceedings in full, this volume makes available the papers which were presented dealing with atomic energy and its utilization, together with a limited portion of the panel discussions.

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University of Michigan Law School


Ann Arbor


Summer Institute on International and Comparative Law, Atomic energy, atomic energy and private enterprise, private capital for nuclear power, Canadian Atomic Energy Program, Phoenix Project no. 30, Michigan Memorial-Phoenix Program, labor-management relations, atomic energy, radiation hazards


Comparative and Foreign Law | Nuclear Engineering | Science and Technology Law

Lectures on Atomic Energy Industrial and Legal Problems