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The problems relating to the taxation of business enterprise cover a wide area. Economic considerations and policy problems, always present and always important, assume added significance in a crisis period marked by high budgets and the need for increased revenues. The interpretation and application of the tax laws, notably the federal income tax statutes, create problems as numerous as they are difficult and complex. Here is an area of interest that challenges the attention and interest of legislators, economists, lawyers, accountants, corporate executives and public administrators.

In its choice of the general theme for the 1951 Summer Institute and in the development of the program, the committee in charge aimed its efforts at a treatment of the general subject that would take into account the wider aspects of the subject as well as the strictly legal questions. Examination of the table of contents will indicate the range of the topics included in the Institute program. Every student of the general subject, no matter what his area of professional concern, will find his interest attracted to one or more facets of the program as reported in this volume.

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Lectures on Taxation of Business Enterprise