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•Out of Retirement, One More Time: A Conversation with Professor Emeritus John W. Reed •Riding Off into the Sunrise •'Can I Get a Witness?' Clark Asks Students at Blue Jeans Lecture •Stars of Entertainment Law Shed Light on Breaking In to the Industry •Speaker Foretells the State of the Los Angeles/ Bay Area Legal Market •Two Sides of Truck-dom from the Nissan Family •Why I Still Like U of M Law •Law School Takes My $40,000, My Sanity, One Year of My Life; and I Get...? •Boender Catches the Ponys at the Magic Stick, Catches Up with Lead Singer •H@x0r3d!: Protect Your Laptop! •Whatever You Do, Don't Panic: Profs Offer Final Exam Tips •'Gays, Families, and that Retro LSSS Amendment' •Looking Back on Year One: And What Does it All Amount to? •Crossword