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•Prof. Friedman Goes to Washington •Community Mourns Loss of Alumnus •Editorial: Lame Ducks Quack Thanks •Atkinson: M-Law's Jack of All Trades •Prof. Schneider on OCI and Your Future as a Lawyer •Students, Caminker Discuss Wireless Policy •Senior Day is What You Want it to Be: Make it Count •Putting it All on the Table •Alumnus Considers Duke Rape Allegations, Campus Tensions, Unfair Policies •The Handlebars of the Soul •APALSA Origins Festival Photos •LSSS Prom Photos •Introducing the Poetry of T.S. Eliot •An Open Letter to the Female Law School Community •How the Profs Stole Summer •Griot Photos •Crossword •A Day in the Life of Collin Foulds •Question on the Quad