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As an academic I have occasion to visit from time to time with a wide variety of lawyers, lawyers of many types and interests: with plaintiffs' lawyers, defense counsel, insurance lawyers, house counsel; with lawyers who deal in family law, banking and corporate lawyers, anti-trust lawyers, legal aid lawyers; and on and on. And no matter whom I meet with, no matter what kind of practice or specialty, the one common theme I encounter in those discussions is concern about change, and the rate of change. Change in the applicable law itself. Change in the way that kind of law is practiced. Change in the society to which the law is applied. And, always, a pervasive sense of unease that the rules of the game are being changed in the middle of the game, usually to one's disadvantage. It is the uneasiness that we all feel about change in the profession, and the pace of that change, that I want to comment on, under the title of "The Best of Times."`


Deposited with permission of the International Society of Barristers.