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The labors of the college year of '91-'92 are closed. About three hundred graduates are to return to their respective homes, situated in some thirty-six states and territories of this Union, and there to exert a potent influence in business, professional and public life. To this large. body of young men about to take up the burdens of true citizenship, we will make a few suggestions outside of technical law. You are ambitious. to succeed in your chosen profession and inquire, what are the qualifications for success? We answer, something more than a knowledge of the elementary principles of the law; one may be learned in the law and yet disgracefully fail. Your profession demands something more, something higher than a mere storage battery of legal principles. The truly successful lawyer must be a conscientious man, possessed of a keen conscience of the most sensitive type. The profession is based on a cultivated sense of right.


Closing lecture to the students of the Law Department of the University of Michigan, delivered June 23,1892.