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As most of you know, I have been a teacher for more than forty years. I entered teaching at Oklahoma after four years with the Stinson Mag firm in Kansas City, and I have been on the University of Michigan faculty since 1949 except for a four-year aberration as dean at the University of Colorado Law School in the mid-1960s. As you would suppose, I am reaching the mandatory retirement age. (That's what the late Dean William L. Prosser called the "age of statutory senility.") The current year would have been my final year of teaching at the University of Michigan Law School. Wayne State University, in Detroit, had lost its law school dean; and, partly at the suggestion of a member of this group, my good friend James Robinson, I was asked to consider becoming the law school's leader for a term of five years.


Deposited with permission of the International Society of Barristers.