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A century ago the legal specialty of most members of this audience would have been known as Master and Servant Law. By the time my generation entered law school, the Decennial Dgest had just added a new topic - Labor Relations Law. That of course dealt with collective bargaining and union-management relations generally. Now, a half century further along, we might seem to have come full circle, to judge by the lectures of the two eminent jurists who inaugurated this series. Both Abner Mikva and Richard Posner spoke on highly important and timely subjects, and yet those would be classified, not as Labor Law, but as Employment Law - to use today's term - or even as Master and Servant Law - the term still employed by the Decennial Digest. So today, at the risk of being a bit out of fashion, I am going to return to the past, and I hope the future as well, and talk about the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).