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Governments and international organizations as well as academic commentators have remarked upon the similarities and differences between occupation of territory by States and administration of territory by the United Nations. Although formal administration of territory by the United Nations has been limited to a small number of cases, the possibility of future revival of this practice warrants consideration of the relevance of the law of occupation (hereafter LO) to this phenomenon. This paper attempts to sketch out the major issues in an attempt to guide the experts in their discussion.


Copyright 2012 International Committee of the Red Cross. Reproduced with permission. Originally published as Ferraro, Tristan. Occupation and Other Forms of Administration of Foreign Territory, 96-104. Geneva: International Committee of the Red Cross, 2012. Documents may be copied on condition that copyright and source indications are also copied, no modifications are made and the document is copied entirely. Academic standards apply for citing and referencing sources.

Steven Ratner's contribution is Appendix 2: Background Document for the Second Meeting of Experts: Delimiting the Rights and Duties of an Occupying Power and the Relevance of Occupation Law for UN Administration of Territory.