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John Gardner was a great philosopher. He was appointed as the Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford when he was still quite junior in the profession. It was a big job. Ronald Dworkin held the post before Gardner, and H.L.A. Hart before him. Gardner delivered on his promise. He had wide-ranging interests. He wrote about jurisprudence, criminal law, and tort law. His pushed those fields forward—and others too. Gardner’s scholarship was incisive, creative, rigorous, generous, and witty. He had a knack for illuminating law and life too. In recent years, Gardner published two books that tackled tort law: From Personal Life to Private Law (2018) and Torts and Other Wrongs (2020). Gardner passed away in 2019—claimed too young by cancer. It was a tragedy for his family and friends, for the many scholars he mentored, and for all those who found inspiration and illumination in his work. At the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting held on January 5, 2020, the AALS Section on Torts and Compensation Systems convened in joint session with the Jurisprudence Section for a celebration of Gardner’s life and work. Three distinguished scholars discussed aspects of Gardner’s scholarship.


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