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On September 14, 1983, Governor James J. Blanchard issued the following statement and charge in appointing Theodore J. St. Antoine as Special Counselor on Workers' Compensation:

In the past two decades, workers' compensation has been the subject of much discussion and debate among all segments of the industrial community and the several branches of state government in Michigan. During this period, three separate commissions have engaged in extensive analysis of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Law. In 1980, and again in 1981, substantial amendments were added to the statute. Nonetheless, the controversy over this system continues.

Important and deserving interests are at stake. The employee who is the victim of industrial accident or disease is entitled to prompt, reasonable compensation. The employer who must pay should be burdened with no more than fair and appropriate costs. The public generally must be assured of a vibrant, competitive economy in this State.

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Historical Background

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