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This volume is a global reader. It presents materials and cases on the global issues of antitrust and competition policy. It may be used on its own or to supplement domestic antitrust casebooks.

It might seem strange to consider the treatment of global issues as a supplement to antitrust casebooks, for, in one important sense, antitrust is global. Markets commonly cross national boundaries. Mergers are as likely as not to combine firms from different nations and in any event to affect markets in many nations. Acts and conspiracies in New York, Washington, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Beijing, Delhi, or Sao Paulo may affect people around the world. Nonetheless, the great body of antitrust law is national. Two mature-although always changing-bodies of antitrust law, European and American, have become the most visible models for the world. Most antitrust casebooks are centered on national law. This volume puts the global dimension at center stage.


Reprinted with permission of West Academic. Originally published as Crane, Daniel A., co-author. E. Fox, co-author. Introduction to Global Issues in Antitrust and Competition Law, by E. Fox and D. A. Crane, co-authors, 1-3. American Casebook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West, (2010).