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Over a dozen years ago, while I was serving as Secretary of what was then styled the Section of Labor Relations Law, I had a ringside seat at the production of the first edition of THE DEVELOPING LABOR LAW. I remember counting myself thrice blessed. I had no role whatsoever to play in the impossible task Charlie Morris had undertaken. Yet if by some miracle he succeeded, I could join my fellow Council members in taking due credit for our sagacity in sponsoring such an ambitious and imaginative project. And as a teacher and researcher, I would have available a truly unique resource. All that was problematic. But on one point I was absolutely certain. The Section would have to look elsewhere for an editor for any succeeding edition. No man in his right mind would twice attempt to ride herd on such a formidable collection of mavericks as had been assembled from the union, management, and public segments of the labor bar to essay this monumental feat. Obviously, I failed to reckon with the almost infinite dedication, perseverance, and patience -- not to mention wiliness -- of Professor Morris.


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