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Specialists in any field have a vested interest in their mastery of the subject. Expertise, after all, is their stock in trade. Assaults on the conventional wisdom can be unnerving if not discrediting. In the pages that follow, such an experience awaits all conscientious readers with a labor background who dare to expose themselves to Professor Charles Morris's provocative, iconoclastic, and ultimately persuasive arguments. He insists that a half-century of American labor law thinking has gone astray in failing to recognize the duty of an employer to bargain with a labor union representing less than a majority of the firm's employees. While the experts will have a field day with the pros and cons, the general reader will have no trouble following Morris's well-honed prose. Anyone can gain much insight into this important if neglected legal issue.


Reprinted Theodore J. St. Antoine: "Foreword," from The Blue Eagle at Work: Reclaiming Democratic Rights in the American Workplace, by Charles J. Morris. Copyright © 2005 by Cornell University. Used by permission of the publisher, Cornell University Press.