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"American juristic thinking at the present time needs a von Ihering. Our jurists, our legislators and our courts, both bench and bar, are still holding fast to an historical 'Naturrecht' built up on the precedents of the Common Law.... The public is crying out against our crystallized and inelastic theory and practice of law. The practical application of the idea of law as purpose would, in many cases, loosen our legal shackles and open the way out of our legal difficulties ...."

"The days of 'laissez faire' in legal matters have gone by in America as well as in Germany. We, too, must recognize that our historic Common Law is not sufficient for the demands of present day life ..."


Editorial preface to Law as a Means to an End, by Rudolf. von Ihering. Translated from the German by Isaac Husik. Boston: Boston Book Co., 1913. Series: Modern Legal Philosophy Series: Vol. V.