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There is no doubt that a self-help book devoted to financial and estate planning is of much interest to remarried partners, but can such a book be interesting? Jon Fitzpatrick has made his book interesting. This is no ordinary non-fiction book Jon has come up with a unique way of presenting his material: as fiction. The setting for his novel is an adult course conducted at night in a local high school. His players are a couple of lawyers who teach the course and the students in the class. Each chapter addresses the classroom topic for that evening. The dialogue reveals the human story of each student. The result is a fascinating look into the lives and emotions of the characters as they learn about the financial and estate planning problems they face and how they might handle them. Jon comes to his topic from personal and professional experience as a lawyer for current or soon-to-be participants in a second marriage and as a participant in a second marriage of his own. He is to be congratulated on writing this book, which should be of use, interest, and comfort to those contemplating or experiencing Marriage Two.