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Winter 1991


Finally! The first issue of Lawyers by Day is done. We would like to dedicate this first issue to all of the students at the University of Michigan Law School who contributed some of their creative work in order to make this magazine happen AND to all of those people who can remember how much they truly enjoyed reading--and writing--poetry and fiction, and miss it. We hope that this magazine will provide you with a brief moment from that wonderful time in your life when you could sit down and read a book or a magazine just for the fun of it (that is, before you came to law school and allowed yourself to become inundated with briefs, casebooks, memos, and outlines). We received a surprisingly large amount of submissions and we're happy to say that we've included a variety of poems and short stories, and in the subsequent issues, we hope to be able to include cartoons, and essays. We would like to thank everyone who submitted to this first issue, and I look forward to receiving the submissions for the Fall 1991 issue. Extra special thanks to Jane Gorham, 3L, who worked with me on putting this together; this magazine could not have come about without her. Again, thanks to all who submitted and I hope you enjoy it.