Howard S. Ross


There are not more than one hundred and forty practicing English lawyers in the whole Province but they practically all read French and the greater number speak French sufficiently well to conduct business or examine a witness in Court. Lawyers from the other Provinces seldom seek admission to the Quebec Bar unless they are prepared to specialize in some branch of law in which they have gained a national reputation, or enter some established firm. Lawyers of other Provinces seeking to become members of the Quebec Bar are asked to pass an oral examination on the Statute Law of the Province of Quebec. Practically all the French-Canadian advocates speak and read English and many of them are forceful and fluent speakers in English and very effective with judges and juries. Thinking and speaking in both languages seems to have sharpened their wits. The same can be said of English lawyers who speak French, as some of the ablest lawyers in Canada are found among the English-speaking French and French-speaking English lawyers in the Province of Quebec.