Two recent decisions were the first to construe the prohibition against indirect advertising embodied in Canon 27 of the Canons of Professional Ethics. Although the facts and issues involved were substantially alike, the holdings were divergent.

At the request of a local Miami newspaper, respondent submitted to an interview which formed the basis of a full page article in the "Sunday Supplement." The article see forth a complimentary biography of respondent and described the internal workings of his firm. Respondent was found guilty of violating Canon 27 by the Grievance Committee of the Florida State Bar Association. The recommendation was modified from private to public reprimand by the Board of Governors. On review, held, recommendation quashed and complaint dismissed, one judge concurring specially, one judge dissenting. Furnishing information at the instigation of a newspaper for a newsworthy article not offensively self-laudatory is not indirect advertising in violation of Canon 27. State ex rel. Florida Bar v. Nichols, 151 So. 2d 257 (Fla. 1963).