Joseph B. Moore


Isaac P. Christiancy was born on the 12th of March, 1812, at Johnstown, New York. His life is another of, the many illustrations that great as are the advantages of the possession of wealth, when properly used, and the opportunity of attending the higher institutions of learning, they are not essentials to the attaining of great influence and a position of well deserved eminence. His education was obtained by attending the district schools, supplemented by a short term in the academy at Dow, New York. He was an omnivorous reader of such books, magazines and newspapers as were obtainable by him. His biographers wrote of him that at the early age of thirteen years he was obliged to assume the chief support of his father's family, and discharged these unusual responsibilities remarkably well. One of the methods followed by him to earn something to accomplish this purpose was to fill the position for some years of a teacher in the district schools. There probably is no place in the world affording a better opportunity- to become acquainted with human nature than as a teacher under such circumstances. It has been truly said that men and women are but children of a larger growth. The teacher in those days was not only required to teach, but was expected to board around among the parents of his pupils, and in this way he came to know life as it was lived by the average citizen.