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Notwithstanding the fact that the peak of postwar veterans' enrollment is supposed to have subsided, the 1949-50 enrollment in the Law School remains substantially the same as it has been during the past several years. Last year we recorded a total of 1057 students; this year the figure is 1030. The beginning class of 409 students, together with 273 second-year and 328 third-year students, to which must be added 20 graduate students, all add up to the total, 1030. Thirty-three of the total are women, the largest women's enrollment ever recorded in the School. The group of 20 graduate students is also a record. Nine of them hold William W. Cook Fellowships, five are foreign students, and the remainder are American students who have come to Michigan because of a desire to pursue advanced study in various fields of the law. The five foreign students represent the Philippines, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, two coming from the last-named country. Spending a year or more with us in each case, they will not only take back to their own countries a reasonable familiarity with American law and customs, but while here they will give our American students valuable understanding of the laws and customs of other nations. The interchange of ideas is well worth while.