Plaintiff's empty truck, proceeding uphill, collided on plaintiff's side of the road with defendant's loaded truck which was traveling in the opposite direction. Both trucks were engaged in the same road-surfacing project. The road had a washout on defendant's side. Defendant's answer alleged that there was an established custom under which drivers of empty trucks yielded the right of way to drivers of loaded trucks when about to meet in a narrow or defective place in the highway; that defendant relied upon such custom which plaintiff failed to observe; and that the plaintiff's failure to observe the custom constituted contributory negligence. The trial court granted the plaintiff's motion to strike these allegations on the ground that they constituted no defense for defendant's failure to obey a statute. On appeal, held, reversed. While the custom pleaded cannot be invoked to prove that defendant exercised due care, it can be considered in determining whether plaintiff was free from contributory negligence. Langner v. Caviness, (Iowa 1947) 28 N.W. (2d) 421.

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