In 1901, pursuant to an agreement for care and support, A conveyed land to his wife. After his wife's death in 1924, A supported himself for twelve years until he suffered a paralytic stroke, after which his son Adolph supported him and furnished constant care. The other children, including Charles, refused to aid Adolph financially or otherwise. After A's death, Charles petitioned in equity for a decree declaring the lien of his father on the land terminated by death. Adolph opposed, claiming a lien on the land for the value of support and care rendered to A. The trail court decreed that A had an equitable lien on the land for his care and support to which Adolph should be subrogated to the extent of the reasonable value of support and care furnished A. Held, affirmed. Application of Mach, (S.D. 1947) 25 N.W. (2d) 88I.

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