Legal education in the United States has become more and more a part of university education and the activity of the American university law school is a matter which invites comparison with the law schools of foreign universities. This is true particularly because the system of university legal education has recently also become a "problem" in this country. In 1930 Abraham Flexner published his instructive, but possibly not altogether unbiased, book on universities in which he pictured American, English and German universities. The author gave all his attention to the teaching of science, however, and did not discuss law schools, because he felt he was not familiar with the subject.

In the following pages an attempt is made to give some account of legal education in European universities, particularly in Germany and Italy, based on the personal experience of the writer. But, of course, in order to evaluate and to understand better the activity of these law schools, they must be considered in connection with the legal education as a whole, with their aims and their traditions, and, last but not least, in connection with the legal system and its administration.