The alleged donor of a trust certificate of the X trust company presented it at the office of the company, had the assignment blank on the back of the certificate filled in and the name of the donee registered on the books of the company, but retained possession of the certificate at all times except during the interval when the registration was taking place. Previous to the transaction the donor had stated that he did not intend to "sign it over" to the donee but merely to "have it fixed in case something happened to him." Yet he told the officer of the trust company that he understood he was divesting himself of all rights under the contract. Afterwards, when it was suggested that he hand the certificate to the donee, he stated that he would keep it and take care of it. Held, in an action by the donor's administrator to quiet title in the certificate, that this was a mere revocable assignment, that there was no delivery, and hence no gift of the chose in action. Madison Trust Company v. Skogstrom, (Wis. 1936) 269 N. W. 249.

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