A Kansas statute forbids the operation of theatres on Sunday. Appellee obtained an interlocutory injunction restraining "the Attorney General of the State of Kansas, and his subordinates . . . and every other person acting or attempting to act for said defendants" from enforcing the statute. Following this temporary injunction the appellee continued to operate his theatres on Sunday, and when the municipal authorities of Winfield and Eldorado threatened to enforce municipal ordinances prohibiting Sunday shows, the appellee served them with copies of the preliminary order against the attorney general, and warned them that contempt proceedings would be instituted if the injunction was violated. In this appeal from a decree denying a motion to dismiss and granting the interlocutory injunction, the municipalities intervened, petitioning the court to construe the injunction and adjudge it inapplicable to the interveners. Held, that the municipal authorities were not bound by the injunction, Boynton, Attorney General of Kansas v. Fox West Coast Theatres Corp., (C. C. A. 10th, 1932) 60 F. (2d) 855.