Appellant sold a trade name to the appellee which the latter was to use on "crayons, pastels, oil and water color paints, pens and erasers." Appellee used the name on other commodities and the appellant obtained an injunction forbidding the use of the name on any articles not mentioned in the contract. A year later, and in another term of court, the appellant moved for a supplemental decree, representing that the appellee was violating the spirit of the injunction by drafting advertising so that through association of the commodities upon which the name could be used with those upon which its use was forbidden the public was given the impression that the name applied to all of the advertised articles. The district court denied the motion and the case was appealed. Held, the motion was properly denied. Prang Co. v. American Crayon Co., (C. C. A. 3d, 1932) 58 F. (2d) 715.