Complainant obtained in the district court of Massachusetts a final injunction against the manufacture and sale of a device by defendant, a Michigan corporation. In a subsequent term of court, complainant brought contempt proceedings for an alleged violation of the injunction. Copies of the petition, motion, and order to show cause were sent by registered mail to the defendant's place of business. Objection to the jurisdiction of the court was raised upon the ground that the term in which the injunction had issued had expired and the decree, as to compensation, had been satisfied; hence personal service as in a new proceeding should be required. Held, that the court had jurisdiction to punish for the contempt. Krentler-Arnold Hinge Last Co. v. Leman (U. S. 1931) Adv. Op. No. 332, Feb. 15, 1932 (reversing on other grounds the decision in (C. C. A. Mass. 1931) 50 F.(2d) 699).