The defendants circulated, on the streets of Milwaukee, hand bills which set forth the political and economic views of their group. An ordinance made it unlawful for any person "to circulate or distribute any circular, hand bills, cards, posters, dodgers, or other printed or advertising matter, * * * in or upon any sidewalk, street, * * * or other public place, park or ground within the City of Milwaukee." The defendants were arrested and convicted of violating this ordinance. There was no charge that the ordinance was enforced in any unreasonable or discriminatory manner, or that its purpose was not to prevent the littering of the streets. On appeal, it was contended that the ordinance was unconstitutional in that it deprived citizens of their right of free speech. Held, that the ordinance was a valid exercise of police power. City of Milwaukee v. Kassen (Wis. 1931) 234 N.W. 352.