Plaintiff sought to enjoin the enforcement of Public Acts Conn. 1929, c. 296, section 4 of which prohibits the "sale or delivery of lubricating oil for use in motor vehicle engines, that shall not be 'equal to or better in quality and specifications' than that !mown as United States Government Specifications for Motor (Class D) Lubricants." Section 5 provides for all tests to determine quality to be made in accordance with methods contained in a certain technical paper of the Bureau of Mines, made a part of the act. The act further provided fines and imprisonment for violations. The district court of Connecticut held that the injunction should be granted, and assigned as one of its reasons that the statute was invalid because of indefiniteness in the meaning of "equal to or better in quality and specifications." Atlantic Refining Co. v. Trumbull, 43 F.(2d) 154.