Defendant, a lessee, covenanted to pay all taxes assessed against the property. After having been transferred to several parties successively, the lease was surrendered on April 7, 1928, to the original lessor, under an agreement providing that, "the original lessee, and its assigns, shall be released from all further obligations imposed upon lessee in said lease contract." Taxes which had become a. lien. on the property by assessment Jan. 1, 1928, were due in three equal installments payable the following April 15th, July 15th, and Oct. 15th, respectively, Upon the failure of the original lessee to pay the taxes, the original lessor paid them, and then sued to. recover the amount so paid. Held, that the lessor could not recover. Welthouse v. Central Leases, Inc. (Ga. App. 1930) 154 S.E. 708.