Testatrix's will contained twenty-eight sheets of correspondence paper, each complete in itself and not physically bound together. When presented for probate, the last sheet held only an attestation clause and the signatures of testatrix and witnesses; each of the others was, signed by testatrix; and the whole group were consecutively numbered. The attesting witnesses, employed at the bank with which testatrix did business, identified the writing on all twenty-eight sheets as that of testatrix, but could not say that these very sheets were present when the last was executed. They testified there was a bundle of similar sheets, and one witness stated that the last was then numbered twenty-eight. The pages were so arranged that provisions for the same general purpose were together; none were inconsistent. Held, on appeal, that there was some evidence to sustain the finding of the probate court and it would not be disturbed. Appeal of Sleeper (Me. 1930) 151 Atl. 150.