Plaintiff was injured while she was a passenger in a taxicab as a result of a collision of the cab with a motor truck. After starting a suit against the taxicab company, plaintiff signed a written agreement, whereby, in consideration of the payment to the plaintiff of $1,032.40 by the cab company, plaintiff agreed not to prosecute any suit pending, nor to file any suit against the cab company for any damage growing out of the collision, and to pay all costs in the said pending suit. The agreement also declared that the promise of the plaintiff should in no way affect any of the plaintiff's rights against the owner of the motor truck. Subsequently, the plaintiff brought suit against the owner of the motor truck. Held, one judge dissenting, that the settlement with the cab company constituted a complete discharge of the owner of the motor truck. Lanasa v. Beggs (Md. 1930) 151 Atl. 21.

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