Attachment - Property in Custodia Legis; Bankruptcy - Promise After Adjudication to Pay Dischargeable Debt; Bills and Notes - Provision for Extension of Time of Payment; Bills and Notes - Transfer as Collateral for Pre-Existing Debt; Carriers - Ticket Not Conclusive Evidence of Contract of Carriage; Constitutional Law - Race Discrimination in Selection of Jury; Corporations - Rights of Pledgor of Stock; Courts - English the Official Language of the Phillippines; Evidence - Declarations as to Pedigree; Evidence - Expert Testimony; Husband and Wife - Power of Husband to Dispose of his Personalty by Gift Causa Mortis; Insurance - Liability in Tort for Negligent Delay in Forwarding Application; Judgment - Sufficiency of Affadavit in Service by Publication; Master and Servant - Liability for Injuries to Infant Unlawfully Employed; Master and Servant - Waiver of Right to Discharge; Mines and Minerals - Reservation of Petroleum and Natural Gas; Municipal Corporations - Building Regulations; Negligence - Rule of Rylands v. Fletcher; Party-Walls - Right to Compensation for Use; Sales - Indefiniteness of Subject Matter of Contract; Trial - The Effect of Inconsistent Special Findings; Wills - Barring of Estates Tail by Deed; Witnesses - Privilege - Self-Crimination