Bankruptcy - Judgment for Breach of Promis, Aggravated by Seduction, Not Dischargeable - Petitioner 'had secured a judgment against the bankrupt for the breach of a promise to marry, seduction under such promise having been pleaded in aggravation of damages; the common law rule prevails in New York and a woman may not maintain an action for her own seduction. The District Court (196 Fed. 571), viewing this as a judgment grounded solely in contract, and not in tort as "for -will-ful and malicious injury to the person or property of another," or for "seduction of an unmarried female," held that the judgment was discharged and directed that no further action be taken thereon. On appeal this judgment was reversed and the restraining order vacated. -In re Warth, Petition of Gultfreund, (2nd C. C. A. 1912) 200 .Fed. 408.