Bankruptcy - Jurisdiction of the District Court Exclusive Within Its District - A trustee in bankruptcy appointed, by the District 'Court for the District of Illinois filed a petition in the District Court for the Western District of Michigan for a summary order to require the respondent to surrender to the trustee certain moneys claimed as the property of the bankrupt. The respondent was a resident of the Eastern District of Michigan, and denied the jurisdiction of the court to issue an order to be enforced in another district. Held that the jurisdiction of the District Courts, in all bankruptcy proceedings, is exclusive within their respective districts and does not extend beyond, and that the order should have been petitioned for in the court of the district of which the respondent was a resident, which court alone, in the exercise of ancillary jurisdiction, 'had power to grant the order. In re Rathfon Bros., (D. C. Mich. 1912) 200 Fed. 108.