W. J. Meyers


Turning now to the Posilive side of the question, the cases show that the "privileges and immunities of citizens of a state" do include:- 1. The rizght of free ingress and egress. Dicta to this effect are found in almost every case in which the equal privileges clause" of the constitution is discussed, beginning with Corfield v. Coryell,I and coming down to and including Blake v. McClung,' the last great case upon the clause in question.3 The only case directly in point seems to be Smith v. Moody., Smith was a negro, born free within the state of Ohio, and was a citizen of that state. He removed into Indiana while the constitution of Indiana contained the following provisions:- "Art. 13. Aegroes and Mulattoes. Sec. 1. No negro or mulatto shall come into or settle in the state after the adoption of this constitution." "Sec. II. All contracts made with any negro or mulatto coming into the state contrary to the foregoing section shall be void; ." Smith sued Moody upon a promissory note. Moody answered