Agency--Ratification--Knowledge Necessary; Agency--Undisclosed Principal--Defence Against Agent; Bailments--Action by Bailee against Third Person; Bankruptcy--Homestead Exemption--State Law not Enforced; Bankruptcy--Homestead Exemption; Bills and Notes--Cashier's Check--Indorsed for Illegal Consideration; Carriers--Street Railway--Track Used by Another Company; Chattel Mortgage--Sufficiency of Description; Conflict of Laws--Statute of Frauds--Statute Affecting Remedy--Representations as to Another's Credit; Constitutional Law--14th Amendment--Class Legislation--License Law; Evidence--Physical Examination of Plaintiff in Personal Injury Suit; Insurance--Construction of Terms of Indemnity Policy; Insurance--Agreement to Issue New Policy--Effect of Failure to Surender Old Policy and Make Demand Within Time Stipulated; Landlord and Tenant--Covenant for Re-Entry--Re-Entry by Ejectment Only--Summary Proceedings; Landlord and Tenant--Covenant Not to Assign--Runs with the Land--Re-Assignment to Original Lessee; Mining Law--Oil Lease--Power of Court to Authorize; Mortgages--"Clog" on Redemption--Collateral Advantages; Municipal Corporations--Travelers--Statute Liability--Proximate Cause; Municipal Corporations--Injunction to Restrain the Carrying Out of Contract--Competitive Bidding; Municipal Corporations--Negligence--Liability for Acts of Officers; Pleading--Splitting Cause of Action--Injury to Person and Property; Public Lands--When Vacant--Occupancy by Explorer for Minerals; Public Officers--Judicial--Liability of Judge; Public Officers--Ministerial--Constable--Liability of Sureties; Public Officers--State or Municipal--Appointment--Confirmation; Real Property--Vendor's Lien Note--Effect of Transfer; Real Property--Homestead--Widow's Right To; Real Property--Right to Improvements--Color of Title; Res Judicata--Specific Performance after Nominal Damages; Statute of Limitations--Amendment of Declaration--New Cause of Action; Trusts--Use of Trust Funds by Parent--Repayment to Fund--Fraud on Creditors; Wills--Revocation by Mutilation by Vermin