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In July 1836 final jurisdiction of non-federal litigation passed from the Michigan Territorial Supreme Court to the Supreme Court of the State of Michigan. Then, substantially as now, the Constitution provided: "The judicial power shall be vested in one supreme court, and such other courts as the legislature may from time to time establish." Mich. Const. 1835, Art. VI, §1. Those who are interested in the judicial history of Michigan prior to 1836 are fortunate in having access to much of such history contained in the six volumes entitled "Transactions of the Supreme Court of Michigan," edited by Professor William Wirt Blume of the Michigan Law School faculty. Along with other interesting material, he has included therein and thus made available some seventy of the opinions of the Michigan Territorial Supreme Court. His present volume of "Unreported Opinions of the Supreme Court of Michigan, 1836-1843" brings to light and for the first time makes accessible the Michigan Supreme Court decisions therein contained which were rendered during the indicated period of seven years.

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Michigan, Michigan Supreme Court, History, Court reports, Michigan Territorial Court


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Published under the auspices of the University of Michigan Law School (which, however, assumes no responsibility for the views expressed) with the aid of funds derived from gifts to the University of Michigan by William W. Cook.

Unreported Opinions of the Supreme Court of Michigan, 1836-1843