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It has long been recognized that the social problems of the city are something more than a mere multiple of the social problems of the rural community. The bigness of the metropolitan area breeds its own difficulties, which find no counterpart outside its borders. Only recently, however, have experts begun to suggest that this same uniqueness inheres in the problems of the organization of metropolitan courts.

Should the organization of the metropolitan court system differ from court organization elsewhere? How should it differ? Before these questions can be answered, we must know something of existing court organizations in metropolitan areas and of the manner in which they operate. It was for the purpose of securing this necessary background of information that the present study of the Detroit area was undertaken. It proposes to answer this question: What is the judicial organization of the Detroit area, and how does it function?

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University of Michigan Law School


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Detroit, Michigan, Metropolitan courts, Court systems, Cities, Statistics, American Bar Association, Judicial administration, Municpalities


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Survey of Metropolitan Courts: Detroit Area