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Five lectures delivered at the University of Michigan February 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27, 1948 on the Thomas M. Cooley Lectureship, enlarged and revised.

First, it is descriptive of the American legal system as it now exists, not of past law and not of legal systems in general. Second, it portrays the legal system as an operating institution. Third, I have given a large place to the discussion of language in relation to law. Fourth, I have given a considerable amount of space to a discussion of the ways in which statutes are made and interpreted. Fifth, technical ideas and technical terminology have been avoided as far as possible. Sixth, there is need to impart a vast deal of plain information about our legal system and how it operates. Finally, I have coupled with the textual material a variety of problems for discussion. This is in line with the problem method which we use consistently in legal instruction

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Our Legal System and How it Operates