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The nonprofit corporation has become an important factor in the social and economic life of the American people. The American predisposition to organization and affiliation has led to an enormous number of such organizations, which in itself is a significant factor. Further, many nonprofit corporations have become national and international entities yielding tremendous economic and political influence. In spite of these factors, however, these organizations have largely escaped the serious study and academic analysis so generously bestowed upon the regular business corporation. This study is directed at an analysis of the legal framework within which such organizations operate. Its aim is to ascertain the sufficiency of the corporation statutes in view of nonprofit organizational operations, and to suggest appropriate changes. Controversial policy considerations concerning the wisdom of particular purposes, functions, or policies are not considered. The goal herein is simply a stimulation toward the achievement of an adequate, coherent, and logical code of nonprofit corporation statutes. The regulation of anti-social or undesirable activity is an additional problem beyond the scope of this study.

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University of Michigan Law School


Ann Arbor


Law reform, Michigan General Corporation Act, Nonprofits, Fraternal organizations, Religious organizations, Cemeteries


Legislation | Nonprofit Organizations Law


Published under the auspices of the University of Michigan Law School (which, however, assumes no responsibility for the views expressed) with the aid of funds derived from gifts to the University of Michigan by William W. Cook.

Nonprofit Corporation Statutes: A Critique and Proposal