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With this fourth and final volume, the monumental survey of existing systems of conflicts law, initiated by the late Ernst Rabel in 1939 under the auspices of the American Law Institute but conducted after 1942 through the generous sponsorship of the University of Michigan Law School, is completed. It is most fortunate that, despite the fact that the present volume was prepared in various institutions during the years immediately preceding the author's death on September 7, 1955, he not only finished but also revised the proofs of the text; the various tables were later compiled at Ann Arbor.

Publication Date



University of Michigan Law School


Ann Arbor


Tangible property, Chattels, Bills and notes, Inheritance, Wills, Succession, Trusts, Claims, Conflicts Law


Comparative and Foreign Law | Conflict of Laws | Estates and Trusts | Property Law and Real Estate


Published under the auspices of the University of Michigan Law School (which, however, assumes no responsibility for the views expressed) with the aid of funds derived from gifts to the University of Michigan by William W. Cook.

The Conflict of Laws: A Comparative Study. Volume Four Property: Bills and Notes: Inheritance: Trusts: Application of Foreign Law: lntertemporal Relations