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Gordon hired as first director of Zell Entrepreneurship and Law program; Primus joins lead authors in contributing to Modern Criminal Procedure; Scarnecchia: teaching at Law School is a "privilege"; Katz study impacts ruling in voting rights case; legal historian Brand joins faculty; criminal law, legal philosophy prof. Mendlow joins faculty; affordable care act opinion cites Caminker paper; Bagenstos testifies before Senate Committee in support of ENDA; finances of low-income Americans reveal where system falls short, Barr writes in new book; Radin's book tackles boilerplate; Logue argues some regulation could be outsourced to insurance companies; Hakimi argues for new legal framework on targeting and security detention; community notification laws may lead to more child porn, Prescott writes; medicare design flaws mandate reform, Bagley says; difference between medieval Islam and Christendom focus of Hudson research grant; Moran contributes to paper on shaken baby syndrome.