Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)

About This Journal

Michigan Law's alumni magazine, features briefs, faculty notes, class notes, and articles. Law Quad Notes was renamed to Law Quadrangle in 2009; archived issues of LQN are available here in the repository. You can browse current and archived issues of Law Quadrangle: Notes from Michigan Law.


Law Quad Notes began publication in March 1957. The first volume included a message from the Dean:

"...in order to supplement the Law Society groups and the occasional dinner meetings here and there throughout the country, the law faculty has decided to publish a semi-annual Law Alumni news bulletin which will serve as a medium through which news of the School may be periodically conveyed to all alumni and by which the alumni may be made more intimately a part of the institution. We do not intend that the Law Quadrangle Notes shall supplant alumni meetings, but rather that it shall serve in a supplementary capacity, thus maintaining contacts both by meetings and through this publication."

Law Quad Notes was renamed to Law Quadrangle: Notes from the Law School in 2009.

Other Places to Find the Bulletin

Additional scans of the entirety of each bulletin can be found through DeepBlue up to Volume 56, Issue 1 (Spring 2013).

Law Quadrangle: Notes from the Law School is further archived in full-text by the Law School from Volume 51, Issue 2 (Fall 2009) onward.