Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


At the dedication of South Hall, the focus was on the buildings importance to a Michigan Law legal education and the institution's gratitude for the wxtraordinarily generous donors who made the building possible.

Speakers at the event-officiated by Bruce Bickner, '68, chair of the building fundraising committee-included Justice Kagan, U-M President Mary Sue Coleman, U-M Board of Regents Chairman Laurence B. Deitch, '72, and Dean Caminker.

During dedocatopm weekend, Justice Kagan gave an inside look at the Supreme Court at a Friday morning talk, She said justices are not motivated to rule in certain cases to favor or disfavor a particular president, that members of the the Court genuinely like and respect one another, and that she-the junior justice-has tasks such as serving on the Court's cafeteria committee.