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Maiming the Cubs


The following essay is excerpted from an article published at 32 Ohion Northern University Law Review 287 (2006) and appears here with permission. The complete article expresses the author's skepticism about the meaning of many of the findings reported by proponents of the "humanizing legal education" initiative, and in detail dissects the research methods and conclusions of studies done by G. Andrew H. Benjamin et al in 1986 and by Keenon M. Sheldon and Lawrence S. Krieger in 2004. In the last 20 years much has been written about the deleterious effect that law school has on the mental well-being of law students. Many have called for "humanizing" law school. In support of their case, the advocates of humanizing cite numerous anecdotes, much scholarly writing in the psychology literature, and even a few rigorous studies of law students. I am skeptical.